A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various animal organizations across the country. So while you are pampering your beloved pets know that your dollars are helping others to have a warm blanket to sleep on at night, have toys to play with, be safe and secure while they await their new homes, or just have some love and compassion. Thank you!!

Products and their descriptions.


Cat Beds (click to view)

Shadow and Mittens want you to know that they think "mom's" cat beds are the greatest (and they help keep our fur off the furniture). All beds are machine washable and dryable. The beds are made of fleece or fabric of your choice with black quilted sides and a foam rubber base. Pamper your felines and your furniture.

Sizes & Prices

4" high sides - 16" diameter $25.00

6" high sides - 16" diameter $28.00

8" high sides - 16" diameter $30.00


Magnets (click to view)

Lightweight wooden magnets covered in assorted cat fabrics (dog magnets available upon request). Please let Shadow and Mittens choose for you.

Sizes & Prices

Approx 4" x 3"

$1.50 each

3 for $4.00

6 for $8.00

Cat Mats (click to view)

Handcrafted sleeping mat for those naptimes at home and away. Each mat has a 1" loft washable quilt batting sewed into the seams.

This sewing method and the hand tying helps to secure the batting.   The Travel Mat comes with a ribbon so you may roll your mat , tie it and take it with you.  

Size & Price

Small 17" x 20" $15.00 each

Large 18" x 23" $17.00 each


Now available are carrier mats

10" x 17" $10.00 each

12" x 20" $12.00 each

14" x 22" $14.00 each

Mats are machine washable and dryable. Instructions come with each item ordered.

Pot Holders (click to view)

Set of two potholders are made with fine quality fabrics and two layers of Thermolon for heat resistance. The layers of Thermolon are sewed into the seams for more durablilty during use and washing.   These potholders come in many different animal prints and are the same fabric on both sides.

Approxmate size is 9 1/2" x 7 1/2"

$ 5.00 set of two

Placemats (click to view)

Cat head shaped placemats for that special kitty made out of our variety of cat fabrics. We also offer larger cat placemats that are more suited for the multi cat family.  

Dog bone placemats for your special pooch also made out of a variety of cat...oops...no dog fabric. :o)

Placemats are made with a layer of washable quilt batting sewn into the seams and are reversible. Both sides are the same print unless otherwise ordered. Taylor made to fit your cats needs.

Size & Price

Small 15" x 10 1/2" $5.00 each

Large 20" x 15" $7.00 each

Cat Nip Bags (No pic available)

Our cat nip bags come in many shapes and sizes and a wide variety of fabrics. Filled with Cosmic Cat Nip, they have been very well tested by our resident cats.

Please let Shadow or Mittens choose for you?

$ 1.00 each

People Placemats (click to view)

Shadow & Mittens wanted to have placemats for the humans too. The "people" placemats are made the same way as the cat placemats only they are oval in shape. They also come in cat fabric on both sides or just on one. We'll let you decide.

Approximate size 18" x 11 1/2"

$ 16.00 set of four

**Any of the placemats, potholders and cat mats can be made with a different fabric on the reverse side.**


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Washing instructions:

Machine Wash, Gentle Cycle Cold Water, Low Temp Dryer or Hang Dry.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Velvet Paws guarantees your complete satisfaction (so does Shadow & Mittens) or your money back. All you have to do is simply return the unused item(s) within 30 days for a complete refund, replacement or credit.

A portion of the proceeds is donated to various animal organizations on a monthly basis.

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