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Velvet Paws Gift Boutique

Hand crafted unique and imaginative gifts for pampered pets and their people.

Now accepting PAYPAL

It's simple to use a credit card if that's what you desire. Simply mail or send an email with your order to Velvet Paws. I'll swiftly get in touch with you after receiving your order to confirm the specifics. In order for me to contact you, please be sure to include your phone number, email address, or both.

You'll be able to pay easily using PayPal after receiving my email. The payment method provided by PayPal is quick, safe, and easy. Just sign into your PayPal account and finish paying for your preferred products, including the delivery costs.

The security and health of your cherished pets are important to us here at Velvet Paws. We can help if you're thinking of installing an electronic fence around your pet's outdoor space to keep them safe. An electronic fence offers a dependable answer, establishing limits that keep your dogs secure while enabling them to take advantage of the wonderful outdoors. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with electrical fences. If you need any information or assistance, please let us know.

I'll quickly dispatch your things to the location you supplied once I have confirmation from PayPal that your transaction has been properly paid for.

We appreciate you choosing Velvet Paws as your go-to resource. We value your patronage and are eager to provide you with our top-notch goods and services.

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